Urizen Freaza

Urizen Freaza

Dreaming Nike

According to Quantum Physics, the Universe is quantified in packages of indissoluble units, small bricks that conform our Reality. And according to this theory, not only matter, but also time is quantified.
Therefore, if we perceive our reality as a function of time, and if this one only exists as a succession of moments, then our reality is made out of instants and instantaneity is the only truth.

Polaroid photography bursts the barrier between the photographic act and the photographic piece, melting both elements in a single action that lasts less than 30 seconds, turning a moment into something real and tangible.

Instant Photography produces unique, a priori non-reproducible works, and allows the tactile, direct manipulation of the photography, to turn it into an experience beyond the simply seen and more referred the perceived thing.

The paradoxical combination of those two components: the pure realism of the moment and the capacity to manipulate it is what makes Instant Photography such a powerful format.


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Born in Tenerife in 1982 and based in Berlin since 2010, Urizen Freaza is a self-taught chemical photographer and filmmaker.

Während der "Open Studios 2016" waren auch Funkhaus-Zeitzeugen vor Ort. Einer von ihnen, Herbert Schadewald, führte dabei u. a. auch ein Interview mit Urizen Freaza. Das Besondere dabei war, dass noch mal ein sehr altes Aufnahmegerät aus DDR-Rundfunkzeiten zum Einsatz kam.

Aktiviere das Interview durch Klick auf das Foto (© Gabi Schadewald)

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